Landscaping has the potential to transform any outdoor space into a multipurpose and relaxing space with greenery and other elements from nature. For this reason, and many more, landscaping setup and care is a considerable investment and also requires ongoing maintenance. Whether the landscaping of your space is already in place, or you are looking into its design, there are certain must-have tools and equipment which every landscaper must keep. When it comes to landscape supplies in Springwood, we recommend our readers to consider it as an investment and collect only high-quality supplies so that only the best outcome is achieved.

Whether you’re a professional who’s started in the field and is gathering supplies to put together a toolkit for his next landscaping job, or you’re a homeowner in Springwood and a passionate one about landscaping, we are hopeful that by the end of this article, you will know more about the landscaping supplies you must get today to create your go-to toolkit for all your landscaping needs. Keep reading:

1- Shovel:

The shovel is one of the most common, simple, and useful items to put in a landscaping supplies toolkit for the residents of Springwood. It’s used for digging and also carrying small batches of sand around. It’s a tool you are most likely to use all the time so you want to make sure to pick a good one.

Wood-handled shovels are a common choice and most buyers lean towards it. Our landscaping supplies experts in Springwood suggest that for durability purposes, go for fiberglass or a steel handle one as that’s made for commercial use hence can last longer and give better results as well. The stainless steel one also has the advantage of being more lightweight and easy to clean.

  • Edging Shovel: This one is used for neatening the grass edges and flowerbeds. It has a flat and thin blade and works wonderfully with small spaces without damaging the roots.
  • Digging Shovel: It’s the most used shovel you will see. As the name suggests, it’s used for digging and also for spreading soil and transferring plants from one place to another. Its edges are curved upwards and that allows it to hold the debris.

2- Grass Shears:

Another gardening and landscaping essential are grass shears. It’s primarily for trimming and looks like a large pair of scissor blades with handles attached at a right angle level. Grass shears are different from pruning shears and are great for trimming and reaching the tight spots which other tools may not grab.

It’s an investment and also a necessity when it comes to landscaping supplies. Gardeners and landscaping supplies experts in Springwood highly recommend that one must know what are they seeking to treat with grass shears and then buy a model and make accordingly.

3- Fork:

A garden fork is used to prepare the soil. It allows to treat the soil and also in removing any plants and bushes without damaging it. It has blade-like long fingers, similar to an eating fork, that dig conveniently into the soil and create space for a shovel to then work its magic. A good quality fork compliments the shovel and is a landscaping supply essential for your toolkit.

4- Dutch Hoe:

If you have heard about garden weeding horror stories and the effort it demands, you must not want to experience it. A Dutch hoe is an essential tool for weeding. It makes the process easier, quicker, and much more convenient.

5- Trowel:

In a landscaping supplies toolkit, experts in Springwood recommend trowel as a must-have tool. It is respected to be the perfect tool when working with flowerbeds that are surrounded by small plants and also for planting saplings.

6- Rakes:

A rake is a broom-like landscaping tool that is used for treating the soil, doing light weeding, and leveling and cleaning grass and other sheddings from the lawn. It is designed with a toothed bar that is fixed transversely to a handle. Depending on your landscaping needs, you might need a steel rake, or a leaf, or both.

A level-headed steel rake is mostly employed for tougher tasks such as graveling the soil, moving it, mulching, or for composting purposes. The leaf rake is made use of for removing twigs, leaves, or lightweight debris.

7- Pruning Shears:

Pruning shears are primary for removing and working with branches. Hand-powered pruning shears can cut into branches of up to one inch in thickness but the electrical ones can do a much faster and tougher job. For a larger task, opt for a gas or the electrical one.

8- Gloves:

Safety is first. Ensuring that you are carrying a decent pair of gloves is fundamental. When working with landscaping, injuries and incidents can happen and gloves ensure this does not cause a real injury.

9- Lawn Aerator:

Last one on the list but just as important! The lawn aerator ensures that the lawn and soil stay hydrated by effectively loosening the grass and allowing more water to flow and flow freely. In short, it keeps the soil hydrated, oxygenated, and fresher-looking.