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At Thomas landscaping, we believe that turf is the most cost-effective way to have the look and feel of a garden in a large or small area. Moreover, a turf also eliminates the sweat and effort that you need to expend when maintaining an actual garden.

Turf uses are not limited to gardening only because people use it widely in homes, commercial areas, specifically in sports arenas, parks, and public lawns. At Thomas Landscaping we have different types of turfs that can fit well within your budget and meet your particular needs well.

We have an extended high-quality turf range that we have selected based on suitability to Australia’s climate. So, if you are looking for the perfect garden supplies in Springwood and patch of turf for your residential or commercial space contact Thomas Landscaping today!

Our diverse turf range includes Kikuyu, Couch, Palmetto, Sapphire, and Sir Walter Buffalo, and all of them are highly suitable for the climate of New South Wales and are the best turf choices for Sydney as well as surrounding areas.

The biggest benefit of using our turf for your lawns and gardens is that you will not need to water, cut, or mow because the space will stay vibrant anyway. We believe that you can convert your dream lawn into a reality with the right material; that’s why we strive to offer you the most affordable yet luxurious and long-lasting products.

Thomas Landscaping makes sure that you get the most durable and fresh-looking turf that will transform your garden or lawn into a serene oasis. We offer prompt turf delivery six days a week, so you can contact us any time and place your order. The premium quality turf that we deliver to you is weed, frost, and drought-resistant, making it an ideal material for the area you reside in

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