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Thomas Landscaping possesses high-quality landscaping soils, diverse soil blends, garden, and potting mixes, soil blends, fertilizers, and compost that you will love to use in your home gardens, buildings, and landscapes. You can use our soils and fertilizers for your plants and turf to make them bloom.

Different plants have different needs for fertilizers in soils to stay healthy. If you hire a gardener for that, it might cost you a lot; that’s why we offer you high-quality fertilizers and compost to fulfill the nutritional needs of your plants. Instead of paying someone to maintain your garden, you can invest in our products and give your plants the necessary organic matter and required nutrients.

When you are building a garden, it is very important to check the soil of that area to understand what kind of plants you can grow to avoid any unlikely event in the future. However, we have premium soil mixes and soil top dresses for you to add to your turf and garden grass.

When you are looking for the right soil for your plants, make sure to buy soils that retain moisture to strengthen plant roots so that they can fully bloom and make your garden look beautiful. You can also use an underlay soil or top organic dress to enhance the growing capacity and effectiveness of the natural soils of that area.

Our products include gypsum clay breaker, potting mix, premium garden mix, recycled soils, mushroom compost, and so many more. You can contact us and order the soil, compost, and fertilizers volumes according to your needs or purchase them directly from our store. We deliver a wide range of garden supplies in Katoomba and Blue Mountains surroundings. We will also give you consultation for the right nutrients for your plants after you give us a brief about the plant species you have.

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