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You will get a vast range of high-quality sleepers at Thomas landscaping in Australia. We not only provide products to our customers but also guide them to use the right one for specific purposes. We have our sleepers usually cut from high-quality Australian hardwood; that is why our customers trust us.

Thomas Landscaping will provide you with short or long sleepers depending on the length you need for your work. You can use our sleepers for walkway borders or for building your garden’s walls because they are genuinely designed for landscaping. You can select any of the below-mentioned sleepers from our stock and use them for your benefit.

Hardwood Sleepers

Thomas landscaping hardwood sleepers are for those who want solid timber sleepers for building purposes. This product will be perfect if you want to create walls around your garden or create a playground for your kids in your home.

If you want to give your courtyard or garden a finished look, it will be perfect if you line the walkways with our hardwood sleepers. We take pride in the fact that our hardwood sleepers do not come with any residues or chemicals, so they are harmless.

Pine Sleepers

Thomas Landscaping pine sleepers are one of the most idealistic ones if you want to add some class to your landscapes. Pine sleepers are specially designed for outdoor usage because of their super functional nature, high durability, and attractive outlook.

We protect our pine from termites or decay using special solutions, so you can use our pine sleepers in any landscaping activity, from gardening to retaining walls, without worrying about their durability.

Concrete Sleepers

Our concrete sleepers are the easiest way to bring modernism to your landscapes. They might look like timber sleepers; however, they are very strong and practical. You can build walls, gardening fences, or do any other project using our concrete sleepers, as it will be quite easy and quick.

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