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Thomas Landscaping can supply everything from washed river sand to yellow brick sand along with a diverse range of sands in stock. Our sands come in multiple colors to suit the different building and landscaping projects, including paving, side layering, bricklaying, and using them as drainage material.

Whether you need to fill your kids’ playground or use sand for commercial purposes, you can check our stock and order in bulk or cubic meters.

Sydney Sand

At Thomas Landscaping, we have finely washed Sydney sand that is suitable for diverse projects like paving, brick and tile layering, sandpits, and so much more. The sand is free of impurities and suitable for use in children’s play areas.

Washed River Sand

Our washed river sand is excellent coarse sand for pavement bedding or base laying of blocks. You can also use it in your beautiful gardens and lawns to aerate soil or level the top dress. Because of its coarseness, washed river sand assists in improving drainage as well.

White Brick Sand

White bricks sand has a high content of clay that allows it to be excellent when mixed with cement, so it is mainly used in building and construction work. You can use it to prepare a light-colored mortar.

Uni Sand

If you are looking for sand to use in your homes for a barbecue party, contact us for Uni sand as it is the best for these purposes. Our Uni sand is super fine, highly processed, and dry that you can also use on top of fake grass (turf) in your commercial and residential setups.

Yellow Brick Sand

Our yellow brick sand is one of the best sands for brickwork, blockwork, bagging, and producing grey brick mortar. You can order it today and mix it with cement to get a beautiful sandstone color. We offer a variety of sands and landscaping supplies in Glenbrook & Surrounding Areas.

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