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A wide variety of wood chips and mulches offered by Thomas Landscaping helps our customers to improve the soil quality in their gardens and promote plant growth.

Our main goal here is to ensure that our customers cherish the beauty of their gardens by growing healthy plants.

Here are some reasons why mulch and woodchip are great for your outdoor space

  • Water conservation in your backyard as mulch reduces the evaporation of water from the soil by 50% and leads to the less frequent application of water.
  • Improvement of soil structure makes it easy for the plants to take up oxygen and moisture in the soil. Also, the danger of soil erosion due to rain and wind can be reduced.
  • Maintaining the temperature in the soils further helps the sensitive plants keep their roots cooler while also using the sunlight for appropriate activity.

Pine Bark

Thomas Landscaping obtains pine bark from recycling timber plantations. The pine bark is organic adds a natural brown touch to your garden and also works to beautify the land or the area where it is placed.

Pine Chip

The pine chip that Thomas Landscape offers is light brown and is most suitable for application in large farms and garden beds, and it is applied as a thin layer in the gardens and courtyards.

Hardwood Chip

Honey-colored hardwood chips are especially beneficial for the native gardens, and their size helps keep the roots cool.

Redwood Chip

Thomas Landscaping’s redwood chips are made for formal gardens as they highlight the structural lines, featured plants, and garden hedges.

Midnight Mulch

Our midnight mulch is a dyed mulch that enhances the character of your garden by highlighting essential features. The dye is not harmful to the plants but its color can fade over time.

Eucalyptus Mulch

The eucalyptus mulch is a light tan and fine-sized mulch, specially designed for sloping areas where large-sized mulch and wood chips are not suitable.

Sugarcane Mulch

Our sugarcane mulch is an organic mulch that is cost-effective and safe for application in your gardens, and it enhances the health of both your garden and pot plants.

Eco pine Mulch

The eco pine mulch of Thomas Landscaping is highly organic as pine straws and needles form it. It is most effective for nutrient quantity in your gardens.

Forest Fines

The forest fines of Thomas Landscaping is an alternative mulch that comes in various color shades from brown not tan and differs from batch to batch.

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