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You should place a starter fertiliser under your new lawn and then fertilise again about 4 weeks after lying. Once you established your lawn then it should be fertilised 3-4 times per year, usually at the beginning of each season (summer, autumn, winter, spring). We would recommend the Matilda build fertiliser for your lawn which can be purchased from our online shop.

Matilda Buffalo has outstanding salt and chemical tolerance. Matilda would suit your pool area perfectly & grows in shaded areas too.

All our bay materials are available for delivery. We also provide the option of one-tonne bags and smaller bags.

Yes, we do provide free quotes.

Usually the same day, however, delivery depends on a variety of factors. Please contact our office to discuss your needs.

Yes, in most of the cases the majority of the products are stocked, however, we advise you to contact the office first.

Yes, we have everything from mulch to compost, to firewood, sleepers, garden soil, sand, rocks, pebbles and more.

Yes, we offer a professional landscaping design service where customers can come and get design advice.