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Thomas Landscaping supplies has a range of cement & premix concrete products for landscaping and building purposes. We have an extensive delivery network that is known to deliver high-quality packaged landscaping products to all Blue Mountains locations on time.

Our premix concrete bags and cement products can be delivered to you in convenient 20kg packs. For a construction project, Thomas Landscaping can deliver large quantities, and for small projects like a new playground, we can provide you with a few small bags.

We have multiple categories of cement & premixes so that you can use whatever suits your needs the best. However, if you still don’t understand what cement to use, you can contact us, and our customer support will guide you to choose the right one for your project.

The cement and premix products we offer are:

GP cement

GP cement is made up of limestone, gypsum, and Portland cement clinker. However, the best part about our GP cement is its consistency and versatility to be used in landscaping and construction projects.

Low heat cement

Thomas Landscaping will provide you with low heat cement that produces minimal heat while hydrating and setting.

Sand and cement

Even though you won’t be able to make concrete with our sand and cement premix, you will still be able to use it as general mortar for multiple projects.

Hydrated lime

Hydrated lime is calcium hydroxide that we add to premixes like sand and cement to enhance their strength.

Builders clay

Builder’s clay, kaolinic clay, or ball clay is air-separated and finely milled fire clay.

Rapid set concrete

Our rapid set concrete is specifically designed to get dry faster than other premixes and cement products – one hour is the time that it sets in.

Concrete mix

Thomas landscaping concrete mix is made up of five major elements that are coarse aggregates, fine aggregates, cement, water, and air.

Builders cement

Thomas landscaping grey builders cement is a general-purpose product that you use for various construction applications.

Off white cement

Our off-white cement is mainly for decorative or aesthetic purposes that have revolutionized the architectural world.

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