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Garden Supplies – 5 tips to an amazing vegan garden 

Vegan gardening is an organic method of growing plants without the use of animal products and manufactured chemical substances. It focuses on the “Grow Your Own” movement encouraging one to grow and eat more fruit and vegetables. “No-dig gardening” is also an integral part of a balanced ecosystem. It is also called ‘conscious gardening’ since the involvement of any product that exploits animals is forbidden such as manure made from animal waste and fertilizers with ingredients like bones and blood. 

Tips for an amazing vegan garden: 

  1. Use good quality Soil  

Garden suppliers in Katoomba ensures that you use the best quality soil to yield maximum vegetables during the growing season. They mix some gypsum with heavy clay soil, which helps break up the clay and improve its structure while forming crumbs. In addition to this, they have premium soil mixes to add to the green grass. It is mandatory to check the soil of the area to analyze the type of plants that can be grown. Therefore, take advice from the garden suppliers in Katoomba when looking for the right soil for your plants. Buy soils that can retain moisture and strengthen the roots of the plant so they can bloom to their fullest and make your garden look beautiful. The effectiveness of the soil can be increased by using underlay soil. Few products include gypsum clay breaker, premium garden mix, recycled sand, etc. 

  1. High-quality vegan Fertilizer 

Different plants need different fertilizers in the soil to stay healthy. It fulfils the nutritional requirement of the plants. High-end products suggested by the garden suppliers in Katoomba will provide the plant with the necessary organic matter and essential nutrients. It is difficult to go vegan with the fertilizer as many natural fertilizers include animal by-products like manure. Alternatives include compost, green manure, hay, and seaweeds. 

  1. Wood chips and Mulches 

Organic mulch such as grass cuttings, hay, or leaves promotes the growth of healthy plants by improving soil quality.  

Example of Wood chips: 

Pine bark, pine chips, hardwood chips and redwood chips 

Example of Mulches: 

Midnight, eucalyptus, sugar cane, Eco pine and forest fines 

Both mulches and wood chips are an important aspect in gardening as is it helps minimize soil erosion and garden labour and it even conserves water by helping the soil to retain moisture by limiting evaporation.  Furthermore, the temperature is also maintained in the soil to help protect the sensitive plants and shield the soil from the sun during the hottest summer months to prevent it from drying. These ingredients help return the nutrients to the soil, provide a clean surface for fruits on the ground, make the plain smooth for easy drainage of water during monsoon season, prevent the growth of weeds and also keep pests away from the plants. High standard wood chips and mulches are easily available from providers of garden supplies in Katoomba and are a must-have for your garden. 

  1. Vegan Compost 

Vegan multipurpose compost does wonders in your garden by making it grow strong and the vegetables and fruits healthy and fresh. Composing is one of the methods used in a zero-waste lifestyle. Compost is decayed organic matter and its highly suitable for the environment. However, we need to have a proper balance of carbon and nitrogen as organic matter is either carbon or nitrogen based. The ideal ratio is 45% carbon, 45% nitrogen followed by 10% soil to pack the nutrients in the compost.  

There are many different ways of making vegan compost at home by adding fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, grass and plant clippings, dry leaves, finely chopped wood and bark chips, shredded newspaper and many more. However, regardless of this, it is always easy and better to order from a garden supplier to achieve preferable results. 

Garden supplies in Katoomba are numerous. Compost volumes can be ordered online or purchased directly from the store. Depending on the plant species, professionals will guide accordingly as to which compost is beneficial for the plants you have in your vegan garden. One such example is Mushroom Compost which favours the development of a wide range of plants and vegetables in your home garden. It is eco-friendly; improves soil water retention and soil structure, has a mild nitrogen content, is high in calcium and is a slow-release fertilizer hence, it can be a very useful addition in the garden. It works extremely well for tropical houseplants that grow in moist soil. But it shouldn’t be used in pots that contain Succulents or any other plants that live well in dry soil. Due to its high salt level, it should not be used for germinating seeds or for planting seedlings. 

  1. Gardening Tools 

On one hand where the above-mentioned essentials are a crucial part of gardening, one should not forget the gardening tools that help aid the entire process. Gardening tools such as a hand-held trowel, garden rakes are an absolute necessity have for cultivating errands, for instance separating bunches of soil, relocating seedlings, levelling the soil and uncovering weeds. Apart from this a water hose compared to a watering can is more feasible as it can cover a long distance. Ideally, you should water early in the morning when temperatures are cooler as water later in the day will vanish excessively fast and also watering in the evening can make the dirt waterlogged and make a favourable place for unsafe growths and microscopic organisms. These basic garden tools are readily available with garden suppliers in Katoomba

Finally… An amazing vegan garden is more than just pleasing to the eye. It is a functional piece of land that can support your lifestyle and allow you to grow your own food. 

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Garden Supplies that you should not run out of 

Gardening is a greatly rewarding and fruitful hobby – literally. You get to see little seedlings come to life as you continue to put love and effort into nourishing them. While gardening is such a therapeutic activity, it requires a lot of equipment and supplies for upkeep.  

Since garden supplies form the basis of all the gardening activities, you must purchase some necessary garden supplies in Blue Mountain if you’re looking to take it up as a hobby. In this article, we’ll list down and describe the most essential equipment that you would require to create a healthy and blooming lawn. 

  1. Water Hose 

As cliché as it might sound, all plants need water to grow. If you have a big garden, an ordinary watering can will not be enough. You need a water hose that you can move around flexibly and water all the trees and plants. If you have a vegetable garden, you’ll need an ample amount of water. 

  1. Hand Trowel 

This is a handy gardening tool and is extremely useful for digging holes in the soil. It is also used in transplanting seedlings and removing weeds. Weeds are unwanted plants and would compete for food and water with the desired garden plantations. For the healthy growth of flowers and vegetation, it is imperative to remove the weed. A hand trowel will help you do that. 

  1. Pruning shears 

Pruning shears are a type of gardening scissors used to cut thick branches of plants and dead shrubs. Removing dead parts of the plants is necessary as they call for diseases that are harmful to the living parts of the plant. Cutting is also necessary to maintain the beautiful look of a flowering garden. Pruning shears come in handy for this purpose. 

  1. Leaf Rakes 

Gardens gather a lot of dead leaves from the trees and plantations, and it is necessary to remove them. Leaf rake lets you broom all the leaves from the garden without causing damage to the plants and vegetation. 

  1. Hand fork 

Used mostly to dig up and remove weeds, hand forks are also sometimes called weed forks. They are a handy and small tool and can be used with short plants and seedlings. They are among the vital garden supplies in Blue Mountain. 

  1. Spade 

Gardening requires planting different vegetation and flowers, and that requires digging of the soil. Spade assists with digging deep holes for plantations or removing plants from the soil, and edging beds. Spade performs this job well with its broad and rectangular-shaped blade. 

  1. Shovel  

As opposed to the spade’s broad shape, a shovel is a slightly curved tool with a long handle. It is used to dig deeper holes and also remove dirt and debris. It is also used to relocate soil. 

  1. Soil Knife 

This gardening tool provides an all-in-one solution. It can perform the tasks of digging the soil or small pots. It is especially useful when you’re working with a plant pot as it is small in size. You can also cut weed roots with it because it has sharp edges like a knife. You can also prune some thin dead branches with it. 

  1. Gardening Gloves 

When removing plants, digging up the soil, and pruning your hands are prone to injuries such as cuts or pricks to the skin by thorns, or allergic reactions to the soil. It is important to take safety measures while working in your garden. For this purpose, you need a pair of gardening gloves to protect your hands. The gloves should be waterproof but also breathable, and offer a good grip. 

  1. Soil 

Not every soil provides optimum amounts of nutrients for the plants to grow. If your soil isn’t fertile, your plantation might not grow, and your flowers might not bloom to their fullest. In that case, you should purchase high-quality supplies from the markets. If you need garden supplies in Blue Mountain such as soils, contact

  1. Mulch 

It is a material that is applied to the top of the soil to retain its moisture and also provide fertility to the ground. It also protects plants against diseases that travel up from the soil and cuts down the weed growth as well. This ensures the soil for your plants is rich and healthy and makes sure your plants grow to their full potential. 

  1. Seed Trays 

They allow you to grow the seedlings indoors without requiring too much soil. You also don’t have to buy a starter plant and that saves you another expense. Seed trays also allow for the seedlings to grow uniformly together and be ready for plantation at once. 

  1. Knee pads 

Gardening requires you to kneel for many jobs like, weeding, pruning small shrubs, or even planting seeds. This puts too much strain on your knees or causes them to get dirty from the ground. Knee pads are water-resistant cushioning pads that will help against the strain on your knees from the ground.   

It is important to care for your plants just like you care for your little ones, providing them with enough nutrients, and saving them from different diseases. These everyday garden supplies in Blue Mountain will equip you for a daily look after your little heaven. 

Disclaimer: This is a generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website.