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At Thomas landscaping, we take care of all our clients, whether they are from the commercial sector or residential areas, and help them in landscaping, gardening, and construction projects.

We have a range of landscape supplies in Glenbrook & Surrounding Areas like aggregates, gravel, and crusher dust products depending on the diverse needs of our clients. We have mentioned each product and its use to help you select them for your needs.

Blue metal aggregate

Our blue metal aggregate ranges from blue to black and is in the form of a crushed rock that you can use to make concrete. This product is specifically for agricultural sites and pipes because it is porous and great for drainage.

Crossover aggregate

Thomas Landscaping crossover aggerates or driveway aggregates are a mix of crushed and screened concrete, bricks, tiles, and rocks that you can use for various purposes.

Core fill

At Thomas Landscaping, we create our core fill by mixing sand and various aggregates so that you can add it to cement and give it more strength.

Recycled aggregate

Our recycled aggregates are crushed cement concrete collected from construction debris like roads, driveways, parking lots, bridges and can be reused in construction projects.

Recycled road base

We also provide you with our recycled road base material so that you can use it in any project requiring compacting medium. Some common uses of our recycled road base include pavement base formation, racetracks formation, asphalt road layering, and sports arenas construction.

Decomposed granite

At Thomas landscaping, you will find decomposed granite to be a finer and more stable form of gravel. You can use our high-quality decomposed granite for bordering pavements.

Blue metal dust

Blue metal dust is a super fine residue of the infamous blue metal used, and we offer you that in large bags or small quantities to meet your landscaping needs. You can also use our blue dust to strengthen your concrete mix.

Brick fines

Thomas Landscaping delivers brick fines in tonnes or small quantities. You can use our brick fines to fill concrete slabs and driveways from underneath. Another important application of our brick fines is in back-filling behind retaining walls.

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